Box Tops

Clip the UPC codes from eligible General Mills Products. Be careful not to cut off the expiration date. Then either drop them off at the front desk or send them into your child’s teacher. EDUPRIZE earns 10 cents for every (non expired) Box Tops.


Link your Fry’s card with a barcode just follow the simple steps listed below and Fry’s will reward EDUPRIZE with a percentage of your purchase value. Help us earn rewards every time you shop with VIP card.


The Art Masterpiece program is a PTN sponsored program that allows parents to work in the classrooms with the students and teachers; and gives our students a chance to learn about the wonderful world of Art. The Art Masterpiece at EDUPRIZE is based on the cottages and gives the students a chance to learn more about what they are already discussing in the classroom.


Parent Teacher Network

The EDUPRIZE Parent Teacher Network is comprised of the parents & teachers of the children attending our school. The purpose of the group is to provide a community of parent volunteers who support the work of teachers and staff in educational programs, hands-on-activities, and fundraising to support enrichment programs for the school community. The Parent Teacher Network also supports teachers & administrators in their efforts to provide the best services possible for our children.

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