November 9, 2015

About Us

EDUPRIZE Parent Teacher Network (PTN) Group Structure

The EDUPRIZE Parent Teacher Network is comprised of the parents & teachers of the children attending our school. The purpose of the group is to provide a community of parent volunteers who support the work of teachers and staff in educational programs, hands-on-activities, and fundraising to support enrichment programs for the school community. The Parent Teacher Network also supports teachers & administrators in their efforts to provide the best services possible for our children.

The EDUPRIZE program is run by sub-committees. Communication is done by weekly newsletter & regular e-mails by the PTN. Input on fundraising and programs are done formally via yearly survey and at a yearly parent-teacher meeting. Informal input is accepted throughout the school year through the PTN.

Group funds are kept by a Treasurer who disperses funds based on a prioritized wish list. The wish list includes items submitted by teachers, parents, as well as administration. The wish list items are prioritized by an Executive Committee, which includes the PTN President, PTN Treasures, two appointed teachers, and the EDUPRIZE Administrator.

Volunteers for postions on sub-committees are recruited via Newsletter requests as well as by a yearly Family Registration Form. Hundreds of volunteers participate yearly in our network programs as well as spend thousands of hours in our children’s classrooms helping our wonderful teachers to give our children the best academic experience possible.

We are very proud of our parents and teachers!




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